Hello, Twitch!

Since there doesn't seem to be any pre-existing forum-like place for discussion about all-things-twitch, I have created TwitchForums.net to be just that.

The site is still in its infancy but I am sure that together we can build it into the thriving community it should be. Feel free to explore the different sections that have been made and make posts. You will need to sign in with your twitch.tv account, which should be very easy so no complicated registration system.

If you are a broadcaster and want your own board, you should be able to get one by clicking the Broadcaster Boards section at the top of the page.

The default theme is a light theme, however, there is also a dark theme available. Just click at the bottom left of the page where it says "Twitch Forums - UI.X".

If you have any feedback, please let us know by posting in the Feedback section.